Multiplier Event
Short Report


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The multiplier event of the German Hellenic Chamber of Industry and Commerce was organized to take place on Wednesday 23rd May 2018 in a central Hotel of Thessaloniki.

The concept was to combine two consecutive events where Project GreenSkills4VET would be presented.

The first event was the preplanned meeting of the Working Group for Logistics of the German Hellenic Chamber of Industry and Commerce with a skype connection between Athens Workgroup members and Thessaloniki.

The second event was the multiplier event organized especially for the Project GreenSkills4VET.



The first step was to design the concept of the event with details of Date, Time, Duration, Location, Programme. In continue while in organizing the multiplier event it was important to create a list with target group with interested stakeholders for the purposes of the event. The third step was to create the information material needed e.g. an electronic invitation and an online google forms Participation Form where the persons interested to participate would visit in order to register their participation.

On a fourth step email invitation were send to 50 selected organizations active in the field of Vocational Education and Training in Greece and the area of Thessaloniki and Central Macedonia. Two days after email invitations were sent out, a follow up telephone contact was made to all 50 selected addresses in order to ensure information was delivered, during this process it was also succeeded a targeted and efficient awareness raise for the GreenSkills4VET Project as details about the Project and its aims were during these phone calls. Lastly, in order to succeed an efficient dissemination of the GreenSkills4VET Project, the Project brochure and Poster were printed and available during the event.

In the meantime, preparations procedure with Hotel where the event was to take place were taking place.

In total, the German Hellenic Chamber of Industry and Commerce received 15 registrations for the event on the online platform.



On Wednesday 23rd May 2018 the event gathered 10 participants which included 5 persons from VET Providers (Public and Private Sector), 1 Person from the VET School of Labor Force Employment Organization (OAED), 1 Student, 1 Executive from a Logistic company and 1 representative from the German Hellenic Assembly which offers also programs of dual education.

In the beginning of the Event, every participant introduced themselves offering information about their background and experiences. A detailed presentation of the GreenSkills4VET Project followed with information about the Partnership, aims, selected sectors of VET Programs for Freight Forwarding Clerk and Health Care, activities and deliverables, the concept of Education for Sustainable Development. An introduction of Open Educational Resources was made in order for everyone attending to receive a broader knowledge of what OER consists of.

In continue the OER of the German Hellenic Chamber of Industry and Commerce for the Freight Forwarding Clerk Programme and Corporate Social Responsibility was presented and a discussion was initiated around the subject of educational tools and VET.

At this point it was intented to have an open discussion with VET Providers in order to detect how the OER tools produced from the GreenSkills4VET Project can be introduced and embedded on the standard curricula for the Logistics VET Programme in Greece. The discussion also brought up issues, obstacles and barriers that the VET system in Greece is phasing, e.g. the lack of modernization of educational material and the systematic planning of curricula offered, the devaluation of Vocational Education and Training in Greece.

The participant form OAED shared with the participants the experiences of OAED with EU Projects and collaborations on abroad showcasing best practices and attempts to introduce new methods of training in Greece. One participant from a public Vocation School also informed all participants about initiatives undertaken via a national funded project introducing electronic means in VET education with a Repository aimed to serve the role of electronic back up of education material, a networking activities and connection of students with the market.

Concluding the Multiplier event, the Director of the German Hellenic Chamber of Industry and Commerce summarized the target of the Event and the importance of introducing OER tools in VET. It was agreed to follow a few further steps in order to be able to introduce the tools in the Curricula.



The Press Department of the German Hellenic Chamber of Industry and Commerce issued a Press Release for the Event in the next days, which was delivered to a list of 200 Journalists, uploaded on the Official Web page of the German Hellenic Chamber and also presented on LinkedIn.

Four articles of the Electronic Press were archived by the German Hellenic Chamber as given below

Also follow up emails were made with a few of the participants, commenting on the material of OER provided during the event, an element that shows great potential for the future use of the OER tools produced.


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.