This is the download-section for the five progress reports documenting the so called Intellectual Outputs within the GreenSkill4Vet-Project. Please note: The Learning Units themselves can be found in the section RESULTS of these pages. Right here, you can find out, how research was conducted and how the exemplary learning-materials (Open Educational Ressources) for Logistics and Health Care were developed.
Authors: Mrs. Gabriele Winkler from Partner BFI OÖ (Berufsförderungsinstitut Oberösterreich), Linz, Austria
Date of publication: 13/01/2017
Intellectual Output 1 is the Comparative Analysis Report (CAR). This project is aiming at embedding Sustainable Development (in its 3 dimensions economic, environmental and social) in professional training and teaching. Analysing the curricula and regulations of the two exemplary professional sectors Logistics and Health Care in each of the five European partner countries was the first step. The objective: Identify sustainability-specific issues already featured in vocational education and training (VET) on the one hand but also blind spots on the other.
Authors: Prof. Dr. Leonidas Gomatos from Partner ASPETE, Patras, Greece
Date of publication: 31/07/2017
Intellectual Output 2 is titled Reference Framework for Green Skills in VET (IO2: FGSVET). It features Categories, Competencies and Criteria constituting the framework for the development of the sustainablity-related GrennSkills4VET-units for Logistics and Health Care. It features the key findings concerning the research on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), a grid of competencies for both these sectors and the first drafts of the Learning Units to be developed as Open Educational Resources (OER) in the next phase of the project (in IO4). For your information: Please find the Units themselves in the Results-Section of these pages.
Date of publication: 31/10/2017
The Manual ("How to create relevant OER") is the third Intellectual Output and the first product to later be part of the "Toolbox", the final result of the GreenSkills4VET-Project. Teachers and trainers in VET (Vocational Education and Training) are the main Target-Group of the Manual, which provides Information about the new circumstances for teaching and learning given by the combination of Sustainability-Contents and available Open Educational Resources. It covers rather basic questions ("What is OER?"), further reading information and will later be completed by the lessons learned while practically working on the specific OER-Units.


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