Section 1: The GreenSkills4VET Learning Units

Structure and organization of the Health Care activities for Sustainable Development

Author: Wetco
Our Learning-Unit aims at understanding how the daily Health Care activities of a Health Care assistant are related to the sustainable development issues. The aim is also to give a solid overview of a Health Care organisational structure and the role and place of a Health Care assistant in this structure. The resource type of this unit is a .doc (Learning Unit) with WebQuest (Zunal platform).
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Learning objectives and didactic scenario of the unit

This Unit covers the following knowledge, skills and competences:


  • Recognize various types of Health Care institutions and their area of work, structure and functioning according to Sustainable Development aims and objectives
  • Knows the most important/ basic internal and external regulations of the Health Care institution/organization, connected to SD
  • Recognize the timetable and work schedule examples aiming to assure economic and environmental efficiency of job performance
  • Recognize and communicate basic hygienic rules, rules of movement and action and rules for nutrition, waste management etc.
  • Recognize different methods for sanitary treatment to assure Healthy environment both for patients and working staff


  • Applies main hygienic and waste management norms
  • Implement and observe strictly the Health and Safety rules


  • Implements consciously norms, criteria and standards of the Health Care work with respect to economic, social and environmental balance

Specific Learning Objective of the OER:

  • to obtain knowledge on the rights and obligations of the Health Assistant in the Labour processes, knowledge on structure and organisation of the Health Care work and sustainable development aspects of the job performance.
Learning Unit

Section 2: Methodological and didactic supplementary Materials

Additional individual methodological and didactic supplementary materials have been created for each learning unit, for example a short description in tabular form of each learning unit, explanations on pedagogical preconditions and learning objectives as well as learning outcomes regarding the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). If interested, you can download even more detailed information on the background to the learning unit, in particular the occupational scenario, as well as practical experience in the creation and testing of the unit by the project partner.
Methodological and didactic supplementary material 1
Methodological and didactic supplementary material 2

Section 3: The GreenSkills4VET OER Manual

The main aim of this manual is to empower teachers and trainers as well as students to new teaching and learning methods. It also informs about the new copyright applications in Open Educational Resources (OER).
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Section 4: Recommendations for the Evaluation of Learning Outcomes

How to assess the competences aimed at with this learning unit? The practical information for teachers and trainers shows our recommendations for evaluating the learning outcomes of the GreenSkills4VET LearnBox and refers to ECVET (The European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training) and EQF (European Qualifications Framework).
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Section 5: Limits of Translating OER

OER (Open Educational Resources) provide the possibility to freely share and reproduce learning materials tailored to your specific requirements without limiting you in terms of risking copyright-violations. When you aim at translating OER into other countries’ languages, there are other limits to be considered, nonetheless.
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